What is your score?

‘ACID properties guarantee that transactions are processed reliably’. ‘ACD properties ‘shit I missed something again. ‘AIDS properties guarantee that transactions are processed reliably’. “OMG!!” ‘What are u saying about AIDS? It guarantees that transactions are processed reliably?’ My friend looks at me and gasps. We have our 6th semester exam tomorrow so I am waiting for my friends to join for our usual group study. My best friend arrives first, drops her bag on the floor and sits beside me. She asks me suspiciously, ‘What are u reading about AIDS?’ ‘Nooo!!! I was reading about database properties but I am failing to memorise correctly’ I say. ‘OH Ok Ok!!’  She replies and gets busy in opening her books. ‘What is the most dreaded question in student life?’ I ask her. ‘What is your score?’ She says and sighs. ‘Yeah I agree. People asking how much we scored is the most dreaded question. Asking students about their score should be made illegal’ I say.  ‘Let us start our exam preparation with the most important task’ I say. We both look at each other and say together ‘Foood!!’ We should not feel hungry while we study right. The food should be directly proportional to the books we have. After all we should keep up the energy levels (Don’t you agree?).  We go to nearby store and pick up

exam1all varieties of snacks. When we go to pay the bill the person in the billing counter asks us ‘Beta is there any party?’ We look at each other and say ‘Kind off!!’ By the time we go back, all my friends arrive and we settle down to study.

‘Let us go through the topics and I will explain them’ says the intelligent friend in our gang. I roll my eyes and look at him (Ah!! Yes he is exactly like that friend of yours who is intelligent and scores high all the time even though he hardly studies). ‘You’ he looks at me and says ‘ Did u get your own pen and note book this time or like last time you will disturb others’? ‘Yeah I have got my things’ I say. While we go through the topics I ask my intelligent friend ‘Is there any short cut to remember this?’ He fumes and says ‘There are no short cuts to learning. You need to understand the concept well’.  ‘It is general mentality of people these days that short cuts are easy way to success’ says another friend. ‘We are future of nation how can you think like this?’ My intelligent friend points at me. By end of next 5 minutes there is huge group discussion on FUTURE OF NATION. We all forget about exam tomorrow and deeply immerse ourselves in arguments.  “OH MY GOD!!” ‘We have wasted so much time in arguments we still have 12 chapter to cover’ says my intelligent friend who suddenly realises how much time we wasted. Everybody gives me a look as if it is my fault.  He starts explaining about the topics I see my best friend is pushing her book towards me and shows what she has written in the book. It reads Do not worry we both will make short cuts to memorise. I write What if these people come to know and push the book towards her.  She writes we will do it when everyone sleeps and pushes the book towards me. Do you think I am bad FUTURE OF NATION? I write and push towards her.  She writes don’t be silly and draws a cute smiley face and pushes the book towards me. I giggle and look at her. We both start laughing. By now everybody are looking at us with a disapproved look on their faces.


It is dinner time now and we all came to nearby canteen to have food. By now more than covering chapters we have discussed, argued, agreed, disagreed on various topics under sun. Except our exam subject tomorrow we have covered topics like Tribes in amazon forest to NASA developments, Haunted buildings in city to ghost experiences, what government should be doing to what the laws should be like, Our Crushes to heart breaks and so on. ‘We have very little time we have to cover few more chapters’ says my intelligent friend. ‘Give me your water bottle’ he says to me. ‘No I do not share my bottle’ I say. ‘Girls are so possessive’ he says. ‘Guys are more possessive than girls’ says my best friend angrily. Again we start another discussion on Guys Vs Girls, who is more possessive.  We are shouting on top of our voices and suddenly lights go off. The canteen owner is standing near the door with lock in his hands. He looks seriously at us and says ‘Can you guys please stop your discussion and leave? I am waiting to close the canteen’. We hurry outside back to our group study room. By now all of us are dead scared of tomorrow.

Today is the day of exam.  We have not slept whole night and somehow finished all the chapters. ‘Let us have breakfast’ I say to my friends.  My intelligent friend looks as if he wants to kill me and says ‘What is the most important thing for you to do on exam day?’ ‘Any day I should have breakfast first’ I say. ‘Seriously is there anything more important than food to you? Now please revise. We can eat after exam’ He says.


I take bath, wear my sentiment dress and pray to god (No!! I did not wash my hair just normal bath.  NEVER wash your hair during exams all that you have studied will be washed off. Ok!! Do not laugh. Can we have some respect for my sentiments please!! THANK YOU!! ). I am the most religious person today. I start revising the topics suddenly I hear my favourite song playing. I turn around and look from where the song is coming from and realise that it is playing in my head. I try to ignore the voice and read loudly ‘Normalisation is used to keep a database as efficient as it can possibly’. The song play in my head ‘Baazigar OOO Baazigar…’ I close my eyes and read loudly. How much ever fast I read, even faster the song plays in my head. It is like DBMS and Baazigar song face off in my head. ‘Normalisation is used to keep…Baazigar OO Baazigar’. ‘Normalisation is used Baazigar O Baazigar  …

examsongNormalisation  …Baazigar’. “Grrrrrr!!!” Let me finish singing the song first and then study. I sing the whole song loudly then feel content.

I reach the exam hall on time and find my place. I settle down, place my things on the desk and look around. I feel everybody looks confident except me. I see guy next to me has spread different colour pens and pencils on his desk. ‘Excuse me are you by any chance trying to sell those here?’ I ask him. He gives me an angry look and says’ No!! These are to highlight my answers’.  ‘Everybody settle down. We are about to distribute question papers’ shouts the invigilator. Suddenly I feel everything is going on in slow motion. I see from corner of my eye that invigilator is distributing question papers.

My stomach crunches and I can hear my heartbeat. I feel I do not remember anything whatever I studied. At last I get my question paper and I glance through the questions. Whatever I THOUGHT will revise later and forgot to revise appears in question paper (I am a STAR!! You see). I start writing my answers. I see the guy next to me is going on taking additional sheets. I have not even completed main sheet. I border my answer sheet four sides with pencil like making a frame. Ahhh!! Now I have only small space left to fill. The invigilator looks at my paper and screams at me not to waste paper.  ‘Erase that frame, fill the page completely then only I will give you additional sheet’ he says. I sigh and start erasing.

exam2 Just then some poor fellow student releases stomach gas with sound giving trouble to all our noses (Everybody has their own ways of releasing exam pressure I guess :P ). ‘What is that noise? Keep quite!!’ says the invigilator. Well!! Nobody could say what that noise was :P :P

The exam is over and I try to give my best. Outside exam hall I wait for my friends. My best friend comes out and by looking at each other we know how we have done our paper. Another best friend from our group comes towards us. ‘How did you do?’ I ask her. ‘I have not attempted most of the questions. I have not written properly at all’ she says. ‘Oh!! Poor you do not worry we all are in same boat’ I say to boost her morale (Actually it is quite comforting to know somebody else also did like us HA HA!!! I am not alone you see :P)

Today our results have come. I glance across the classroom and see all my classmates talking animatedly to each other. One of our classmates is arguing with professor to give her extra mark. As usual our intelligent friend scores the highest.

Exam-results1The friend who said she has not attempted many questions gets the second highest and I really wonder how she got so many marks without attempting full paper ( May be professor corrected the paper twice!!). ‘How did you get so many marks?’ I ask her.  She smiles sheepishly at me. Anyways I feel happy for her and congratulate her. I come outside the class room, my best friend joins me. ‘What is your score?’ we both say at same time. ‘Never mind!!’ I say to her and we both burst out laughing.

(Psstss… if you find any similarities to your gang, then let me THANK GOD I am not the only one who ended up with crazy gang :P ).



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4 thoughts on “What is your score?”

  1. Glad to be part of the Gang!!! Miss all those moments…

    Those Saturday classes
    Cake corner BBT breakfasts
    Those gatherings by bunking classes
    Discussions on crushes and silly gossips
    Group studies during exams
    Those scary horror story’s
    serious debates and senseless arguments
    B’day celebrations and other happy times
    and what not…

    Feel great for being blessed with most caring friends :)

    Thank you Prathyu for reminding all these wonderful moments… of-course in your own style…
    Hilarious!Enjoyed every bit of it!

  2. Honestly you’re making me realize what I will miss with in few day… The group study…ohhh sry its group discussion or debate…

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