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‘My hobbies are….umm..My hobby is … ummm ..errr.. ‘ I bite my lip and look down thinking hard. ‘You don’t have a hobby?’ My team lead questions me. I look blankly at him. ‘Ok! Anyways welcome to our team.’ He says. I thank him and come back to my place.  I have newly joined this team and today is my first day hence this introduction session. ‘He asked me about my hobbies!!!’ I say to my best friend when I call her. ‘What did u say?’ asks my friend.’ I didn’t say anything. I should have said something like ‘My hobbies are watching TV, reading books and singing songs.’  ‘Tch..Tch…Tch.. You sound so boring’ She says.’ How about saying my hobby is to collect wild flowers’ I ask her. ‘Ahh!! How exotic!!’ says my friend sarcastically. ‘How about saying my hobby is to collect stamps’. ‘Did you ever collect stamps in your life?’ She asks. ‘Yeah I did. You don’t know about it ‘I say. ‘What? I don’t know is it? Is there anything I don’t know about you? You have never collected stamps in your life.’  My friend says confidently (This is the reason we should always be nice to best friends!! They know too much!! ). ‘Hmmm yeah I never had any hobby. How about having one now?’ I ask my friend. ‘Hey that is a good idea. ‘She says excitedly ‘Even I want to have a hobby let us do it together.’


‘To find a hobby which we love to do is no less than finding a soul mate. You need to feel that passion towards it. Who knows you might find some hidden talent of yours.’ My friend says like one of those motivational speakers on TV. I can’t stop myself from clapping. ‘Ok, let us start our search. #Finding hobby starts from today’ I say excitedly.


‘Soft toy making!!! I am not good at it’ I say to my friend. ‘How do you know without trying?’ She asks. ‘I did try once in child hood and it was not a very good experience. Do you remember that toy you saw in my house which you kept on saying looks very scary as if it is straight out of horror film?’ ‘Yeah’ she nods ‘Your Mom kept on insisting that it is a polar bear and unique piece. I didn’t believe her though.’ (My Mom covered up my disastrous teddy bear as polar bear!! Sniff…Sniff..Mommyyyy..I Love you Mommmyyy. ). ‘Let us forget about this option then and think about something else’.


‘Are you serious?’ I ask my friend. ‘Yes, I am’ She says rather bossily.  My friend has enrolled my name in a trekking club which I am not at all interested to join (ME and Trek Huh!! You got be kidding!!). ‘Why are you not joining?’ I demand.  ‘I will from next trek but for the first one you need to go alone. This is such a good hobby. It involves physical activity and it will keep you fit. ’ she says.  I feel fully motivated.  I am bubbling with energy. Today is my first Trek. ‘Are you ready?’ my group lead asks me. ‘Yeah totally!! I have bought new back pack to take my things. This really cool water bottle, new shoes and did u see how cool my dress is?’ My group lead has #ARE YOU KIDDING expression on his face. ‘I meant are you read to trek?’ ‘The trek? Yeah right the trek. Am ready!! Totally excited.’ I try to keep my face earnest and give # LOOK AM SO EXCITED expression. My group lead looks suspiciously at me ‘Let us start the trek.’ He tells to my group. I start trekking with other group members. We have already trekked for 30 min and I am panting hard. ‘Sir, Actually I got emergency call. Can I just go back?’ I ask my group lead. ‘You got a call? None of our phones have signal here. How come your phone is reachable?’ Shit!!! I should have checked my phone first. ‘Err…I mean I remembered an urgent work.’ I say.  ‘See Madam, you have to complete this trek and please do not disturb anymore. Come on move now.’ Says my group lead giving me an angry look. Huh!!! Trekking is not as cool as it sounds. Pssstt… Let me tell you a secret. Strictly between you and me. I already started regretting my decision of joining this club. By end of day, I am baked in sun, every part in my body is hurting. ‘I don’t think Trekking is part of my soul. It is not going to be my hobby’ I say to my friend. ‘Oh dear! That’s alright, let us go on to next option on the list’ says my friend.


‘I was watching this movie in which the hero will have a challenge with heroine’s father who is a great musician and he will learn music in no time to prove himself.’ I say to my friend. ‘So what are you suggesting?’ She asks. ‘Why don’t we also join singing lessons?’ I say excitedly. We enrol for music lessons and today is our demo class.  ‘We might find our soul in music.’ Says my friend hopefully. ‘If we concentrate and learn sincerely one day we can even think of singing professionally.’ I say dreamily. ‘Hey let us ask our other friend also to join for keyboard classes then we can start a band. Who knows one day we might be famous’ my friend continues excitedly. ‘Let us do this’ we both say determinedly. I can already see myself on stage taking that award ‘I would like to thank my parents…’ my thoughts are broken when the door opens and our teacher comes inside the room.‘Do you have experience in singing?’ our teacher asks me. ‘Yeah I used to sing when I was in school’ I say confident. ‘I used to sing national anthem and also school prayer song’. ‘Good. But did you learn music is what I meant to ask’ She says. ‘Yeah for some time in childhood but I have lost practise.’ I say to her. ‘I have no experience in music ‘my friend says. ‘No problem, I will sing and you both repeat after me’ teacher says.  She starts singing and we try to repeat after her. Every time we end up singing something or other wrong. When the teacher sings it sounds so nice and when we try to sing only noises come out of our mouth. We ourselves feel terrible to listen to the noises we are making err…I mean the song we are singing. We try hard but I remembered the donkeys which used to shout outside our school in childhood. The teacher now clearly looks irritated. She asks us to take a break. Some other student comes in the room. Teacher and that student start singing something complicated. We both find it amusing and we giggle. Teacher stops singing and looks at us. ‘You both, get out of my class’ she says angrily.


‘You always take lovely photos. Why don’t you try photography?’ says another friend who is UK. I have not thought about this. ‘You are right, let me try it out’ I say to her.  ‘You have to try it out.  Who knows there might be some hidden talent’ she says. Visions of myself doing photo-shoots appear in front of my eyes. She even gifts me a tripod to pursue photography seriously. My friend and I get totally motivated again. We take my DSLR, tripod and got to park in the morning to capture few pictures. After an hour my excitement is slowly dripping. We could not capture a bird or squirrel. By the time I set up the camera the subject is gone. I try to run behind a squirrel, trip over and fall down.  Few people started looking at us suspiciously when I try to capture photos. By evening we are exhausted. My limbs are aching and I feel tired. I think this is not my cup of tea. Not sure how people roam around holding such heavy cameras and wait patiently for their subjects to appear. My friend agrees with me.


We head to coffee shop in nearby mall in the evening to relax. We see a guy playing guitar. He seems to be enjoying what he is doing and he seems to play it effortlessly. People are going mad and screaming with delight. ‘Playing a guitar is not as difficult as I thought’ I say to my friend. ‘Yeah see that guy all he needs to do is play that strings and it seems so easy’. ‘Yeah we just have to hold it and strike the strings. Easy Peesy’ I say ‘Yeah very easy’ my friend says. I turn to look at her and see her eyes glowing. ‘What is it?’ I ask her. ‘Are you thinking the same as me?’ ‘Yeahhhh!!!! Why don’t we learn guitar?’ She says. ‘It sounds really cool. Let us do it’ I say ‘One day we will also perform in crowd like this. People will go gaga over us’ I slip into dreams. My friend tugs my hand and says ’We have to do this.’ ‘Yes, we have to’ I agree. ‘We will learn guitar’ we both say at once. We sound as if we are pioneers of new change in the world.  We enrol for guitar classes. We buy our guitars. We both are dressed in really cool outfits (Come on!! We HAVE to look cool. After all we have to fit in the scene right). ‘I will explain you the basics and you need to practise’ says our teacher. ‘Which song are you going to teach today?’ I ask my teacher. ‘Song?’ he laughs, ‘First learn the basics. You have long way to go.’ He shows us how to play and we start practising. All I produce was some noises out of guitar. My fingers start aching by holding the strings.  I concentrate on strings, guitar slips from my hand and falls down. ‘Madam, concentrate otherwise you will damage the instrument’ my teacher shouts at me. I try to play the strings and my fingers get hurt. ‘How did that guy play guitar? He looked cool and it looks so effortless’ says my friend. ‘Yeah and we got carried away’ I say. By end of class we both are low in our spirits and walk back home without uttering a word.

‘There are always obstacles in life. If we want to do great things then we should be motivated’ says my friend. ‘Yes whatever it is we will find our hobby’ I say emotionally.

My phone rings and I see another best friend from Mysore calls me. ‘How are you?’ she says. ‘I am not in great mood’ I say and I narrate my experiences to her. ‘Why don’t you write your experiences and share with every one?’ She says and laughs.

It is already one month since Guitar. We have tried drawing classes in which I was thrown out on day 1 as I was not able to draw even a line straight. Next one was make up classes. This one was interesting but I was scared to look at myself in mirror at end of every class.  Children in my building used to get scared when they see me when I return from the class. So I stopped going to make up classes (For greater good of the world you see!! Ok!! Don’t look at me like that Phew!! I have to admit, sometimes my makeup face used to scare me also in my dreams). Next followed baking classes. I had to stop after I got severe stomach infection after I ate my own baked cake. Then my friend suggested stitching.  ‘If we can learn stitching we can even start our own boutique’ she said. After making some disastrous pieces, I had to leave that one as well. Days passed but I still dint find my hobby. I am still in search of my hobby………

Hey YOU!! Yes YOU who is reading this. Do you have any suggestion for me?? Can you tell me a hobby which I can pursue??

PS: Behind every successful woman is a best friend giving her crazy ideas – Un Known


 This post is dedicated to all such best friends :) :)

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  1. I think dancing is your passion…and blogging is your hobby…keep writing…I was not sure that you were about to buy a domain name…keep writing…

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