To or Not To??

Somebody has rightly said ‘Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.’ I am one of those people who believe in this saying. I have this special sniffing skills which always searches for new places to eat (No! this sniffing skill is not result of me spending my childhood playing always with dogs in our compound). Today is Saturday so I was thinking of utilizing my sniffing skills to explore new places. My phone rings I see my friend’s (Who shares same view on food as mine) number on display.  I lift the phone and I hear her shrill voice ‘Helloooooooo Hellooooooooooooooo.’ She is shouting as if she is trying to talk to me directly from her place. She continues in her excited tone ‘I got to know about this place in Sasha Road which serves best paranthas. Why dnt we go there today?’ I become alert on the mention of paranthas. My ears stand still and I say ‘Why not? Let us go there today’.

shivering1We meet in town centre and take bus to that road.  Once we reach that road we spot a restaurant and decide to go inside.  The place seems to be empty and no customers at all. The owner of the place comes forward and says ‘Please come. Have your seat’. I try to figure out the expression on his face. Is it happiness like’ Ah!! Customer at last’ or is it that expression of hunter that he has got his prey. I turn my attention to a lady in the counter who seems to be his wife. She also has this same expression. ‘OHMIGOD’!! Where did we land?  I look at my friend and she gives me back a look that usually is on people who enter haunted buildings in horror movies.  The place is very small has only two tables and one counter with display of dishes.  The place has odd haunted feeling and I regret my decision to come here. I look around to see if there is any way to escape from here but I see the way is blocked by the owner of this place.  He looks elated he shouts ‘They are here, Let us begin’. I look at my friend face and she says’ What are they going to begin?’ I try to be brave.

The owner gives us a menu card and we just choose to order Paranthas and some curry to go with it. While we wait for the food to arrive, we see a handsome boy and a very good looking girl come out from the inside room.  ‘Thank God!’ these people do not have that menacing look. The guy seems to be very happy that there are visitors and he keeps smiling at us and ask us once in every 5 minutes if we want water. I wanted to say ‘Dude!! Please relax’. The girl just stands near our table and stares at me. I admit I look funny in that new haircut. Actually I thought I looked really cool until I started getting these strange stares from everybody and at last one friend of mine dared to bell the cat and told me it is not cool and I look as if I am just out of a washing machine with my hair standing still.  Both boy and girl seems to be having a competition to serve us. Our paranthas arrive and despite the look of the place and people here they look really yummy. We start eating them and relish the taste. I try to give appreciative look to the lady at the counter but she stares back at me without change in expression. The boy and girl do not move away from our table and keep prompting us for water or more food. Once we finished our food we proceed to counter to make payment. My friend does the payment and I stand behind her just then the boy and girl comes to me. The girl shoves a tissue paper in my hand. She whispers in my ear ‘Please go outside and read.’ I get surprised before I could say anything she says ‘Please not here.’  Imeme look at the boy and he is also looking at us.

We go out of the place and I say to my friend about the paper the girl gave me. My friend gets excited she squeals ‘Open Open’ I say ‘wait let us at least walk little further and read it’. We both walk little further and I open the paper. In red ink a name and phone number is written on the paper and a line below it reads ‘Please call me after 8PM tonight’. I was shocked!! Is this for me only? Why did the girl give it to me? We try to see if the name written on the paper is a girl’s name or a boy’s name but we have never heard such name so we fail to understand. My friend says ‘Let us google the name, maybe we can find something about that’. I agree and search the name in google but the results show the name can be either boy or girl.  ‘What if this is some organization or someplace’ says my friend. I try to google and fail to get any appropriate result. I say to my friend ‘Let me call the number and find out what is this about’  ‘Noooo!!! ’ My friend shouts ‘Waiiitttttttt!! What if this is some threat and they trap people. It I still 5 PM in evening and it is written to calla after 8PM’ Hmmm I agree.  ‘What if the girl is in danger and looking for help’ I say. My friend says ‘May be this is a trap and once we call money start getting cut from our phone’.  I say ‘Once we call what if they say we came to this place we do not have money to go back please help us’. My friend gives me a look and says ‘Oh Please!! They are not on road and they definitely dint look as if they were starving’. ‘What if they will lure us back to that haunted place?’ I say. ‘Do not worry. They are more scared of u than you being scared of them’ my friend says looking at my haircut. (DAMN!! this hair cut). My friend keeps her thinking cap on and just walks aimlessly on the road. We both are lost in our thoughts and train of thoughts go around in my mind. What if this is some serious organization and once we call them police try to link us to them? Why did that girl give to me in such hush hush manner? Why was that boy smiling behind us? Why was that lady at the counter look as if she is possessed? What did the girl wanted to tell me? Who wanted to give the paper is it the boy or the girl? ‘Let us go back to that place and ask the girl what is the problem’ I say to my friend. My friend looks scared ‘Noo!!’ She says ‘Let us all at 8PM and find out what is this about. I have one more thought’ she says looking at me. ‘What is it?’ I ask her.  She keeps a safe distance from me and asks ‘What if the girl is interested in you’? ‘Whaaaaaaaattttttttt????!@@##’ I scream at her.  She laughs and walks away from me. We run out of thoughts on why we got this paper. ‘OK!!’ I say ‘Let us not call the number and forget about this here why take risk?’ My friend also agrees with me. After walking few steps she says again’ but if we do not call how will we know why they gave the number and that too in such secret manner. We will keep thinking about this’. ‘OK, but I need to think if I want to call or not’. We say good bye to each other and leave to our respective homes.

It is 7PM now and I get message from my friend what did u decide? phne1She asks me. ‘I will call’ I message back to her. ‘No do not call from your mobile what if they come to know your number and misuse it’. I agree with what she says. I see if I can block my number to display on other’s cell when I call.  The clock strikes 8PM and I take my phone to call. My friend messages me ‘It is 8 PM go ahead call and once you talk call me back I will be waiting’. I think should I call from my mobile and on second thoughts I decide to go out to the phone booth on the road and call. I lock the house go to the phone booth across the road.  The night is rather chilly. Is nature trying to warn me about something? I lift the phone and dial the number.


I hear somebody pick the phone. I say ‘Hello’……pic1

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