The Lone Orphan – Part 10 ( Last Part)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction (Love to also add that childlike imagination ;-))

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“You mean to say that I am descendant of this tribe who can read these scripts?” I ask him. “Yes, there are different levels of access for these scripts. For any other person who looks at them they are just blank scripts however if you touch them, the words will appear “he replies. “Is this some kind of joke? Are you people trying to fool us? “I shout at him. Many gasp for my rude behavior towards their guru. Atchyutha lifts his hand, silences everybody and continues “I know it hard for you to believe. It was same for you mother too as she was unable to accept the destiny to give your life as sacrifice to carry forward the legacy,” he says. “Mother,” I whisper to myself. A sweet feeling passes through me as I realise finally I came to a place where my mother had lived.sivalingam

Atchyutha walks away from us and sits on the rock near the Maha Siva linga. Chandesvara approaches me and continues, “Out of many evil groups who tried to get these scripts from us, the main opposition to us are the Dhushikas who from centuries have been trying to get those scripts. They have very bad intentions of misusing the scripts and gain authority all over the world.  Even if they get hands on few scripts, they will recreate another war like Mahabharata,” he says.

I shudder at the thought of another war like Mahabharata. “A prophecy was made when you were born that you are the protector of our tribe. Your father, a brave warrior was overjoyed to hear that,” says Chandesvara as I listen to him as if I am in trance.

“The head of Dhushikas, called Andhaka killed many people over the years to get to know how to read the scripts.  When he came to know about the prophecy, he tried to abduct you but your parents fought him bravely before losing their lives for you. A friend of your mother, Prasuti carried you off to far land to save you and we never heard from her again”, says Chandesvara.

Tears roll through my eyes. My parents didn’t abandon me. They sacrificed their lives for me so that I can live. I am not an orphan. I know where my parents lived. This truth is enough for me to live my life.

“Who can escape destiny, our guru Atchyutha always said you will come back here one day. We all waited for this day,” says Chandesvara. His voice breaks my thought process and brings me back to reality.  “This man’s grandfather was the only person with whom we had contact to outside world. He helped us by passing information on the happenings from outside world,” he says pointing to Arjuna and continues, “Even his grandfather was killed by Dhushikas to extract information.”

I am in shock on this whole situation. When I look back it seems I have traveled a great deal from the day I moved out of the orphanage. Many people got hurt in these events. Professor is in hospital, Prasuti madam got killed, Arjuna’s grandfather got killed and don’t know how many lives are in danger. I look at Shankar; he is standing bit far away from me and looking at me. He is the only person left in my life who has come this far with me in spite of all dangers. Just then we hear a loud sound of several branches breaking and several knifes fly in air towards us.

“Move,” shouts Chandesvara and shields me from the attacks. “We are under attack, get ready with the weapons,” he shouts to the entire tribe. Atchyutha gets up from the rock and starts murmuring under his breath while he circles the Siva linga. Old ladies in the tribe take the children away towards the huts. Every man and Women run towards the Siva linga and forms a circle around it as standing guard. By then Shankar joins me and Arjuna ushers us away from the group towards the backside of Siva linga. Several people dressed in black with strange tattoos on their hands start attacking the Rudra Ganas. Without mercy they start slaying anyone who comes in their way. ”Where is the girl?” a shrill voice shouts. “You are doing a big mistake by attacking us directly here Andhaka,” shouts Chandesvara. I peep from behind the tree to see this evil man who killed my parents.

In center of the commotion stands a huge man, over 6 feet tall, completely dressed in black with a huge tattoo on his left arm. He looks so menacing and has hatred written all over his face. I hate him instantly. This is the man who killed my parents and any person who is related to me. Few Dushika men hold Chandesvara tightly on his spot. Terrible war is going on between other members.battle_of_the_french-indian_war

Just then a young Rudra Gana man jumps in front of Andhaka and attacks him with a knife. “You fool! Do you think you can kill me?” shouts Andhaka angrily and slays him. The young man dies instantly and falls to ground. Before I realise screams escape my mouth as I witness this cruel event. “There you are,” says Andhaka and walks toward me. Few of his men hold Shankar tightly while Arjuna manages to escape from there.

Terror seizes me as he approaches. He drags me by my hair near to Siva linga as I wither with pain. By then Atchyutha has drawn a circle around the Siva Linga and is sitting in front of Siva linga murmuring ferociously under his breath. “Get the scripts and read it out to me,” he says. “Do not do that and do not touch it with your hand,” shouts Chandesvara. Andhaka slaps me hard and I almost faint for the pain. “Touch the scripts,” he says while forcing my hand towards them. I resist touching the scripts. He slashes my hand and I scream loudly in pain. “I will torture you but not kill you until you do this for us,” he says. He lifts his knife to slash me again, just then Arjuna comes from nowhere and pushes Andhaka’s hand away.

“How dare you,” shouts Andhaka, his eyes shine with anger. He tries to push Arjun away and comes to get me again. Arjun does not give up and fights with Andhaka. “I will not spare anyone who comes in my way,” shouts Andhaka, his face bulging with anger. He slashes Arjuna with his weapon. “Arjuna!” I shout unable to digest what happened in front of my eyes. “Do not give up for these people,” Arjuna says and his motion less body collapses to ground. “Arjuna!” I cry unable to speak.” I enjoyed killing your friend,” says Andhaka to me, his eyes glowing with pride, he bends down and whispers,” the same way I enjoyed killing your parents.”

Hatred and anger fills in me. “You are evil,” I shout at him shivering from head to toe. Andhaka laughs at me. “You are evil,” I repeat crying. I take a stone and hit him hard. “Arghh!” he shouts in pain. “I will teach you a lesson,” shouts Andhaka and tries to lift me. Just before he can lift, I roll towards the Siva linga. Andhaka comes after me with more vengeance. “I have enjoyed killing your parents, your care taker and now your friend. I will kill anyone who comes in my way,” he says and moves towards me. I feel so much anger that I just want to hurt this man so badly so that he can never recover. My hand falls on the Trisul infront of the Siva linga, I take it and throw it on Andhaka.

Andhaka screams on top of his voice, blood starts streaming from his stomach. The man who was unstoppable till now starts to collapse. “Our leader is hurt,” shouts one of the Dhushikas. All of them come running towards him. “Take me away from here,” screams Andhaka,”This girl has hurt me with the sacred Trisul,” he says. Dhushikas gather around Andhaka and few of them lift him. By then the Rudra ganas taking advantage of the situation, start to attack the Dhushikas. Following a terrible fight, Dushikas escape with Andhaka from there. I watch all this helplessly, unable to get up on my feet.

“They all ran away, please gather around,” shouts Chandesvara. I see so many dead bodies lying around me. I have never seen so much blood in my life. I look at Arjuna’s motion less body. “Arjuna,” I cry as I lose my conscious. The last thing I remember is Shankar running towards me to hold me.

I open my eyes, once my eyes adjust to the darkness, I see Shankar, Chandesvara and Atchyutha around my bed. “How are you feeling? Shankar asks. “I am alright,” I say to him. I remember all the bloodshed that happened here and also death of Arjuna. I shut my eyes as if that will help me to forget things.” I want to leave,” I announce to them. “You cannot leave, you have mission to fulfill. You need to save the scripts else these Dhushikas will continue to create havoc and we don’t know how many will lose their lives,” says Chandesvara. ”Exactly that is my point. I came here just to know about my parents, now I know about them and I do not want to go any further. I do not want to involve myself in all these and I do not want my dear people to lose their lives saving me,” I reply with lot of agony in my voice.

Shankar and I prepare to leave. Chandesvara tried to convince me but Atchyutha stopped him and asked him not to force me. They arrange for protection and help us to reach Delhi. All the way back we do not speak much.

“You can still change your mind, “Shankar says to me over the phone. I am in airport to fly out of country as I got seat in a college abroad to pursue my studies. As I will be leaving country in some time, I have called Shankar to say bye one last time. “I do not want you to fall in trouble because of me. Also I do not want to involve in any such things. I guess if I move out of country, everything will settle down,” I say to him. While I am on call with Shankar, I observe that two huge men dressed in black occupy seats near me in the departure lounge. They look bit out of place. I observe that they have symbol of Dhushikas on their hand. I experience a sudden surge of voltage in my body. These people will not leave me or any one related to me.

“There are two people similar to Dhusikas in the lounge,” I tell Shankar. “Chandesvara told me last words of your father,” Shankar says. “How is that related now?’ I ask him. “Your father said, my daughter is not a coward, She is and will be a descendent of true warrior,” says Shankar. I cut the call and think about the situation. I have a choice to make here. Either I have to run all my life and die like a coward or value my parents sacrifice and fight bravely.  My blood curl when I think about my parents, Prasuti madam, Arjuna and all those innocent people who lost their lives. I will not run away like this. I will face them, make my parents proud and live my destiny. I get up from my seat and go out of the airport determined.” Nobody can escape destiny,” Atchyutha’s words echo in my ears.umagana

My name is Uma Gana and this is the beginning of my story.


                THE END

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