The Lone Orphan Part 5

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction (Love to also add that childlike imagination ;-))

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“What?” I say in disbelief, the cotton in my hand falls down from my hand. “Yes, Kamyaka forest no longer exists,” Shankar repeats himself. “I heard that Shankar but all this is hard to believe. How can a forest not exist? What about this river Saraswati?” I say impatiently.The-Lost-Forest

Shankar adjusts his seating position and continues “Saraswati River does not exist in present India. But it is mentioned in many ancient scripts including Rig Veda.” “Where was this river according to scripts?” I ask Shankar. “It is believed that Saraswati River was between the Yamuna in the east and the Sutlej in the west,” says Shankar. I shake my head in disbelief. “What happened to the river now if it existed in the ancient times?” I ask Shankar. “The later scripts indicated that the river dried up in a desert,” Says Shankar. “There must be some geographical evidence about this then,” I say still trying to digest this information. “Many historians even believe that the river was a sleeping river. There are lot of arguments around these details. Professor used to mention that there are lot of secrets that are hidden which once unveiled will cause major unrest,” says Shankar.

Shankar packs the first aid box. He seems to be relaxed now. In our discussion, I have not realised how much time has passed. I look around and see that the area around park is deserted. “I am still unable to understand why you were attacked for these scripts. Why Prasuthi madam is killed?” I say.

Shankar remains silent as if lost in thoughts and finally says “Time should answer your questions.” We both started walking from the park and reach the main road. “My head is aching with all these thoughts let us have some Tea,” says Shankar. We walk into a small road side shop. Shankar looks around to see that nobody is following us and makes sure that we sit in a corner table away from the crowd. Once we are settled, Shankar says “Should we inform police regarding this? By now they would have got to know that Prasuthi Madam was waiting for you.” I hesitate for a moment and say “Shankar, A thought is troubling me from morning, how is the symbol in scripts same as the one in my shawl? Prasuthi madam is also not alive to give me information. Let us not inform them about your attack and let us try to gather information on this by ourselves.”

Shankar does not answer me and just sips his tea in silence. I wait for some time but he does not respond. “I know you might not want to be involved in this considering that you are attacked today. No problem I will deal this on my own,” I say to him unable to cover my anger. Shankar looks at me, smiles and says “You ladies always try to read between the lines is it? I was not hesitating to gather information. I was just thinking on how we can do this.” Even I relax, “So what can we do now?” I ask Shankar.

“Let us go back to my home, go through the documents and then decide where to start,” he says. We both leave the tea stall and take an auto to Shankar’s house but we stop the auto in the end of street only. Shankar looks around to make sure there is no one following us. “Let us go through the back side garden gate just to avoid any attention,” he says. We enter the house through garden gate. Once we are inside the hall, we see that Shankar house is not ransacked. “Looks like they do not know where I live. May be they just saw when I went to professor house,” says Shankar. He opens the documents and reads the script and the translation many times. “As these scripts are related to Saraswati River and talk about exile, my guess is that it is related to Pandavas exile,” he pauses thoughtfully and continues, “I have an idea, one of my friends works in the archaeology team near Kurukshetra. Let us call him and ask if he has any idea regarding this symbol.”

While Shankar is talking on phone to his friend, I go through the notes which professor had made on the scripts and I spot there are some longitudinal directions which are scribbled at end of the page. “Shankar, Look at these directions here do they make any sense?” I ask him. Shankar holds the phone for a moment looks at them and says, “My friend is asking to fax him the script. Let me also send these longitudinal directions to him.” I settle myself on the sofa and lean back. Today has been such a hectic day. My eyes droop just then Shankar comes back to hall. “I have sent him the fax, now let us wait for his reply,” he says.

Time seems to pass heavily as we wait for his friend’s call. I make some coffee for both of us and we just sit on the sofa in silence. Phone rings and Shankar picks it up in first instance. “Put the phone on speaker,” I say to him. “Shankar, I have gone through whatever you have given, your guess is right these scripts relates to Pandava’s time,” his friend says. “Do you have any idea about this symbol?” Shankar asks him. “I do not have any information on the symbol but I have found that the longitudinal directions and the place referred in the script you sent me do not match. However, I know location to which it matches,” he says. “Which location?” we both ask at same time.

“They match a location near the Himalayas”, he says. I look at Shankar and he is equally as surprised as me.

To be continued…

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